GENERAL ADMISSION (FRI) 7:00AM -6:00PM (SAT) 7:00AM – 5:00PM (SUN) 8:00AM- 1:00PM


The intent of the Portland Swap Meet, LLC ("PSM") stall policies to is protect and preserve the integrity of the Portland Auto Swap Meet event. The continued quality and character of this event can only be assured through effective oversight of the vendor base and through protecting any, and all privileges. We ask for your cooperation and compliance with our rules, regulations, and the following guidelines:

1.    COMPLIANCE. The PSM, its associated committee, agents, volunteers or authorities, reserves the absolute right to exclude, or eject, without recourse, any person or items which violates the following rules, or are otherwise deemed objectionable at its sole discretion.

2.    DAMAGE LOSS BY FIRE, THEFT OR OTHER CAUSE. PSM assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss by fire, theft, or any other cause whatsoever. Vendors and spectators use the Portland EXPO Center ("EXPO") at their own risk and agree to indemnify and save harmless the PSM, its associated committee, agents and volunteers from any loss or liability including but not limited to costs or defense, arising from participation at the Portland Auto Swap Meet held at the EXPO. Vendors will indemnify and save harmless the PSM for any such loss or liability arising from conduct of any vendor toward another vendor or the public. At the close of each day, please cover all items completely with non-transparent cover.

3.    FIRE MARSHAL REGULATIONS. No "flammable gas, liquid or solid" may be sold. Likewise, portable gas, nitrous tanks, or electric cooking devices or heaters are not allowed inside any EXPO Center building. Any outside vendor with an acetylene tank, propane tank, BBQ grill, heating or cooking devices must have a 1O BC type fire extinguisher visible and in good working order within assigned stall.

4.    TRANSPORTATION ON-GROUNDS. Use of golf carts, roller skates, roller-blades, skateboards, bicycles, hover-boards, scooters or other motorized conveyances are strictly prohibited on the EXPO grounds (except single electronic convenience scooters or wheelchair for disabled individuals).

5.    HAULING MERCHANDISE. "For Hire" carts and wagons may not exceed 24 inches wide and 36 inches in length: Non-motorized wagons or carts only.

6.    ENTRY ON GROUNDS. Vendors MUST wear event wristbands in plain sight at all times during the Portland Auto Swap Meet, including Set-Up Day. There will be no General Admission on Thursday. All vehicles entering the Portland Auto Swap Meet on EXPO grounds, whether unloading parts or vehicle for sale, must display a vendor rear-view mirror hanger. THERE WILL BE NO VEHICULAR MOVEMENT DURING THE GENERAL ADMISSION HOURS OF THE PORTLAND AUTO SWAP MEET. ABSOLUTELY NO VEHICLES ALLOWED IN THE BUILDINGS A, B, C, D, & E (EXCEPT HALL B "CARS FOR SALE" AREA) AFTER CLOSING THURSDAY UNTIL THE END OF THE EVENT SUNDAY 1PM. IF VENDOR NEEDS TO RESTOCK INDOOR STALL, VENDOR MUST HAND CARRY/HAND TRUCK THEIR ITEMS.

7.    REGULAR SWAP MEET STALLS. Auto-related items of all years are allowed in the regular Portland Auto Swap Meet stalls. No flea market items. USE OF ANY STALL FOR PARKING PERSONAL VEHICLE IS PROHIBITED. VIOLATOR'S STALL(S) WILL NOT BE RENEWED.

a.    VEHICLES FOR SALE. All vehicles for sale must be 25 years or older and must remain in their assigned stall during regular vending hours. Except for the HALL B "Cars For Sale" there will be no assembled, motorized vehicles of any kind allowed "For Sale" inside any building during the event (Fri. 7AM to Sun. 1 PM) unless a vehicle is demonstrating acceptable accessories, products or technology and clearly displays a sign indicating vehicle is not for sale and for demonstration purposes only.

b.   HALL B "CARS FOR SALE". All vehicles in Hall B "Cars For Sale" must be 25 years or older, remain in their assigned stall during regular vending hours, be "For Sale" and in running condition. Vehicles must be contained in the assigned space and cannot be displayed on trailers. Battery cable must be disconnected, no more than a ¼ tank of gas, and gas cap/ door must be tapped off.

8.    ANTIQUE/COLLECTIBLE STALLS. The following items must be sold in a designated Antique/Collectible stalls: Vintage clothing, accessories & jewelry over 30 years old; Contemporary automobilia, collectibles, novelties, pins, or transportation toys manufactured within the last 20 years; Antiques, transportation toys & collectibles (not limited to automotive). No flea market items.

9.    OCCUPANCY. Stalls must be occupied by vendor or designee from opening hour to closing each day. Stalls may not to be sublet or re-sold by vendors. Vendor is responsible for all actions of stall occupant.

10.  RAFFLES. No raffles allowed.

11.PORTABLE POWER DEVICE RESTRICTIONS. Any device that is not UL listed, is not self-contained, can accept a 2 or more pronged plug and/or is intended to power anything larger than a small electronic device, such as a tablet or cell phone, is not allowed in EXPO Halls.

12.  DRONE POLICY. The Portland EXPO Center is a "Drone Free" zone.

13.  FLOATING DEVICES. Helium Balloons or other free-floating devices are banned inside all EXPO buildings.

14.  CAMPING. Overnight camping is prohibited inside the fenced area at the EXPO during the Portland Auto Swap Meet.

15.PETS. No pets are allowed on the EXPO grounds during this event. Service animals specifically trained to aid a person with a disability are welcome.


MARKET. Prohibited items include but are not limited to the following: Food or beverages for sale, arts & craft items, utility trailers. motor homes, travel trailers, chainsaw statues, outdoor power equipment, wood stoves, stuffed animals, pillows, non-automotive T-shirts and any other apparel (automotive related T-shirts sales require the express written consent of the PSM). Nametags, caps, cowboy hats, sunglasses, modern or contemporary items such as ceramics, video or sound tapes, wooden toys, plants, posters, switchblade knives, drugs & alcohol, guns, ammunition or weapons of any kind, pornography, adult items and drug paraphernalia or any other items deemed unacceptable by the PSM.